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Two Fresh Pizzas

About us

We are known for innovating our own pizza recipe that has become a Friday night tradition and is highly admired by our family and friends.

We want to introduce and share our family pizza recipes with the world via Pizza Bar. We are obsessed with taste and quality which is why we want to serve our famous home recipes around the world. 

Pizza Bar is an ode to the streets of Italian Riviera, where you can smell the fresh cheese while relishing your pizza slice. 

our story

An exciting, mouth-watering, light (and airy) vegetarian pizza kitchen with a unique range of flavors. 

Running down the stairs as the aroma of a sizzling-hot family perfected pizza is coming out of the oven is my favorite Friday night memory. The weekend is right around the corner and there is no better way to get it started than to relish each bite whilst feeling lite. Having moved to Boston in the Spring of 2021, I miss that feeling, I miss my family. I have always loved the art of cooking, and I aspired to share this with the world. I could not have thought of a better way than to share my family's pizza. 

We launched our cloud-based kitchen with the idea of creating an exciting, mouth-watering, light (and airy) experience with every bite. Our proprietary recipe consists of only the freshest ingredients and the most robust flavors. We are in the process of finalizing our menu so we will post it shortly. Please subscribe for the latest news and promotions. 

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